Are you a rated skydiver?

We have opportunities available for tandem instructors, AFF instructors, videographers and parachute packing. We also have openings for skydiving pilots. Call or email us for more information:

573-221-3230 (office) 573-822-5009 (cell) (email)

Are you a pilot looking for part-time work?

Are you a pilot looking for part-time work?

We have openings available!

This is a great opportunity for any young pilot to build flight hours and make a little extra money.

We have openings for flight instructors, glider pilots and instructors, skydive pilots, tail-wheel instructors, aerobatic instructors, scenic rides pilots and in aircraft relocation. If any of these interest you call or email us:

573-221-3230 (office)

They say "If you want to experience the elements, get out of the vehicle," you will experience all of the natural elements, out in the sky with nothing but a parachute.

"The sensation of skydiving is not that of falling but that of flying." You are simply flying without the vehicle.

Rapid Descent Skydiving is located in Hannibal, Missouri at the Hannibal Regional Airport. The dropzone currently owns and operates three jump planes: a Cessna 195, a Cessna 172 and a Cessna 182. Rapid Descent Skydiving is operated by a professional, educated team of instructors, packers, pilots and ground personnel, ensuring your safety as you enter the world of sport parachuting.

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Rapid Descent Skydiving offers several options for skydiving instruction along with an experienced staff of instructors and first-class equipment. The atmosphere here is professional but very fun! Safety and thorough training are our primary concerns and these objectives are best accomplished in an entertaining and relaxed environment. Our team of USPA-rated instructors follow the basic training progression outlined in the Skydiving Information Manual (SIM). The sport of skydiving requires confidence. Confidence is achieved through proper training and experience. Rapid Descent is an excellent choice for both!

Skydiving season is April-October and we jump every weekend during these months (weather permitting of course)

Call to schedule your Jump or for information: (573) 822-5009

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