Rapid Descent Skydiving: Your First Jump

Your first skydive with Rapid Descent Skydiving is always a tandem.
A tandem skydive with Rapid Descent is $225
We offer video with still pictures for an additional $120
*Weight limit for Tandem Skydives is 200 lbs

We have discounted group rates and different specials that will be going on all throughout the skydive season. To stay updated with our specials, please follow us on Facebook.

The pictures below were taken by our videographer, there are also videos under our Rapid Descent Gallery tab. These can all be used as examples of what you would receive if you purchased video/pictures with your tandem skydive.

Introducing: The Tandem Skydive

All of our first time jumpers must start with a Tandem, this will be your introductory instructional jump. You get to experience the thrill of skydiving without much hassle. Our Instructors will guide you through every step of your skydive to insure your safety and fun during this jump.

What to expect

What to expect

After you call and schedule your jump, you will arrive and fill out a waiver, watch a short video and then you will be paired with an instructor who will give you some basic ground instruction including your aircraft exit, freefall, canopy (parachute) flying, safety procedures, gear fitting and an overview of our operations. Don't let this overwhelm you, our Instructors are very good at what they do. This orientation usually takes approximately 30 minutes and then you are ready for the experience of a lifetime!

To check out our staff and get some information on them click on our Rapid Descent Staff tab.

When it is time for your load to board the jump plane, you will be escorted to the aircraft by your instructor and a member of our ground crew. Once everyone is situated and buckled in, the aircraft will taxi out and begin the ascent to over 10,000 feet. This is a thrill in itself, most of our first time jumpers have never been in a small aircraft until now.

When approaching what we call "jump run" your instructor will get you hooked up and perform all final safety checks, then he will get you positioned in the doorway. Now it's time for the fun stuff! On the signal of the instructor it's out the door! WAHOOOOO! This initial phase of freefall is the most awesome experience...one you will never forget.

As soon as you are stabilized in freefall your instructor will deploy the drone chute. This is a small chute that trails along behind you for added stability during the freefall stage of your skydive. You will have time to look around and really feel the sensation of what freefall is all about. There is no way to describe this in words but it really is like flying...FAST!

"The sensation of skydiving is not that of falling but that of flying" ~Author Unknown

Around 4,500 feet, your instructor will signal and the parachute will be deployed. With this much altitude you will have plenty of time to see what canopy flying is like and get a chance to enjoy the view around you. You will get to make several turns and practice flaring which is used when landing. Around 1,000 feet you will begin to circle downwind of the landing zone and then in for a landing. After landing is when it all soaks in and you realize what you have just done and how awesome it was!

Now it's time for the tricky part of your experience with Rapid Descent Skydiving: you must decide when you want to do it again! Our tandem Instructors are also rated AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Instructors. So the same guy you jumped with could be your coach when you start jumping on your own. Visit our AFF tab to learn more about the program, the cost and what exactly it will take for you to become a seasoned skydiver!

With your Skydive license a High Jump (from 10,000ft) is $25

And a Low Jump (from 5,000ft) is just $15.